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Hammer and Chisel

the masters hammer and chisel

Sculpt Your ULTIMATE PHYSIQUE in 60 Days

Seasoned trainers Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese have spent decades studying fitness and nutrition with one goal: develop the best method of transforming the human body into an absolute masterpiece.

With The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, you’ll have access to their expert body-sculpting program with workouts so efficient, you’ll build your ultimate physique in just 30—40 minutes a day.

Make sure you get the most breathtaking results imaginable

Sagi and Autumn designed the entire program around their customizable nutrition system. Just do the workouts and use these color-coded containers to eat the right portions for the body you want. It’s really that simple.

If you want to get cut, you can’t cut corners. Eating the right foods in the right portions is part of the deal if you want to see the muscle and definition you’ve built.

Using these 7 color-coded containers, we’ll show you how to create filling and energizing meals that will get you through these tough workouts and help you get your best results possible.


What do you get with the Hammer and Chisel challenge pack?


You get the complete package:

  • The fitness program
  • The nutritional guide
  • The portion control cups
  • The workout calendar
  • A Shakeology Travel Cup
  • Plus a 30 day supply of Shakeology (your choice of flavor).

Check out these incredible RESULTS!


What do you need for equipment:

Required Equipment:

Recommended Equipment:

Dumbbells, workout bench OR stability ball, chin-up bar OR resistance band with door attachment
Yoga Mat or Beachbody Core Comfort Mat are helpful but not required

What are the workouts like:

Chisel Balance

Iso Strength Chisel

Chisel Endurance

Chisel Cardio

Chisel Agility

Total Body Chisel

Hammer Plyometrics

Iso Speed Hammer

Total Body Hammer

Max Hammer Strength

Hammer Power

Hammer Conditioning

10 Min Ab Chisel

10 Min Ab Hammer

A total-body workout creating stabilization, muscular endurance, and core strength. (41:05)

An intense resistance workout using isometric holds and flexibility to increase strength. (36:39)

Increase muscular endurance and strength in this time-under-tension workout. (36:55)

The cardiovascular resistance routine will increase heart rate, circulation, and burn an intense amount of calories. (39:00)

A challenging cardio workout that will help you move quickly, improve coordination, and create greater stabilization. (38:29)

This full-body resistance workout focuses on creating lean muscle and strength. (36:04)

This jump training workout will use your entire body to create force, speed, and power. (26:29)

A tempo training workout that uses speed and isometric holds to create strength and grow muscle. (24:11)

A hypertrophy workout focused on pyramid-style sets to maximize strength and muscle growth. (43:48)

Start with a pre-fatigued muscle, finish with a maximum lift. Increase strength, power, and muscular development. (36:53)

This intense powerlifting-inspired workout will increase speed, reactive strength, and power. (39:10)

A workout based on compound movements that will improve stability, coordination, and strength. (30:42)

This core-crusher will transform your midsection, without ever getting on the floor. (10:56)

Carve definition into your core while strengthening your entire ab complex. (12:29)


Are you ready to join?     You have two choices.

When you purchase the challenge pack (this includes the program and Shakeology…both are needed for my group), You can choose to either enroll as a customer or a coach. Either way, it’s the same price (the $39.95 coaches fee is waived when you invest in a Challenge Pack)! When you enroll as a coach, you will save 25% on all products (after the $15.95 monthly service fee starting your 2nd month) and you’ll also earn money promoting the products you love if you desire!

Yep, I would become your business mentor as well. Total win-win because I’m about to open up my next business mentorship! To enroll as a coach, click the button that says, Become a Beachbody Coach.
The first page is your personal info (and be sure you see my name as coach about 2/3 down the page.) The second page is where you’ll choose the challenge pack. Scroll down and choose The 21 Day Fix Challenge pack. The last page is the payment info.

I want to sign up as a coach and order Hammer and Chisel Shakeology Challenge Pack
I want to sign up as a customer and order Hammer and Chisel Shakeology Challenge Pack
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